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  1. Q. how do I find out if a part is in stock?
  2. A. Our website is pretty amazing and we have live customer support.  Call, text, email, or live-chat us for availability.  


  1. Q. how late can you ship a part for next day delivery?
  2. A. orders placed by 7:00 pm EST can ship express


  1. Q. how are backorders handled?
  2. A. flat-rate shipping applies to one shipment.  Backorders will be charged $8.00


  1. Q. can I get help identifying a part?
  2. A. yes


  1. Q. can I send you a photo for identification?
  2. A. yes, we are available for text, email, or phone support


  1. Q. can I send you a list of parts to quote?
  2. A. yes


  1. Q. do you provide tracking information?
  2. A. yes, you will receive order confirmation and tracking information


  1. Q. what is your return policy?
  2. A. 100% satisfaction guarantee on all purchases